Sunday 12 January 2014

Recharge Your Hair!

The following contest is for Indiblogger's Recharge Your Hair, Recharge Your Life Contest!

I have a story to tell.
There was this really nice guy, he won hearts at the drop of a hat, he charmed the ladies, girls swooned over his cool demeanour. One day he met the girl of his dreams. They fell in love and wanted to get married. Only problem was, the girl's father was an ex-Army personnel. Very particular about self-grooming and discipline. "No problem!" the guy thought. The girl's father called him for lunch.  Dressed up in a formal suit, he went to her place on his bike. He made a good impression with his smooth talking skills. At the end of the whole thing, the father asked- "Son, I am giving you my daughter, you have to take care of my precious little baby. If you have any problem with that, raise your hand right now!" The father's eyes widened with anger on seeing the guy's hand rise above his shoulder! "How dare you!? You said you wanted to marry her! Now you say you can't take care of her? This wedding cannot happen! Leave my place right now I say!" he shouted. Before he could say anything, he was thrown out of the house. "You idiot! Why did you raise your hand!?" annoyed and angered, the girl asked before their final goodbye. The guy answered-

 "I just felt something itchy in my head!"


A bad hair day can put your whole self-confidence down to the dogs and that's why I think recharging your hair is a good idea. Have you looked at yourself and found your (earlier black) hair to be turning a sorry shade of brown? Ever came back from the beach looking like this!?

There are times when you have to let your hair loose and just enjoy the moment but when the moment is gone, you realize that you have horns growing on your head.

Times when you go to the beach, enjoy water sports and later your hair start getting stiff, times when you wake up on a winter morning, with that flakey feeling in the head, times when you dress up for a party and later realize you have every hair strand standing for itself, ready to sound the bugle of revolt...
all these times are the ones which could have been avoided by getting them recharged. Recharge them by plugging them to Sunsilk. So, yea, those are my reasons to get my hair recharged! Also, you'll feel like this after the recharge-

Here's a link to sunsilk's official page-


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