Sunday 23 February 2014

Microfiction: 5 love stories

1. Perfect Love.
They had a fight last night. She came in the room with a blank face, he stared at her with blazing eyes. Both were trying hard to control but soon it became too much. They burst out laughing.

2. Imperfect Love.
He had not returned her calls since morning. Worried, she tried his number again but the line was busy. She dialled another number. A polite voice came from the other side. She replied- "Yes, I'd like to book a table for two.."

3. Unrequited Love
He was waiting at that street corner again. She came, hand in hand with a guy and turned around to see if anyone was looking. Finding no one, she gave the guy a kiss. He was standing right there.

4. Neo-Love
She slapped her forehead, "Oops! I forgot the anniversary again." She ran to buy a gift from the shop. He was preparing a romantic dinner. He had been planning for this day since ages.

5. Non-Love
She deleted her Facebook account, all her email conversations. She wanted no interference from her past. This boyfriend seemed like her only chance at happiness and she wanted to do it right this time.


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