Sunday 9 February 2014

Microfiction: Five Sad Stories

He looked across the crowd as people stood there, admiring his grand majesty and persona. He groaned and went back to his cave. The tiger had little appreciation for fame and accolades.

The bride blushed. She was nervous. She had heard great things about marriage. He looked on with an inebriated and lustful gaze, unbuttoning his shirt.

He was to teach kindergarten. He sat there on his chair and looked on. A kid came running to him, and my mistake called him 'Papa'. His heart should have lept out of his chest but it didn't. The word was a contempt for him.

He swiched on the TV and sat there gazing at it. He didn't want to watch it but the silence was killing him.

She had completed her medical degree and was well versed with the arts of cooking and home decor. Now, her parents started looking for a suitable groom so that she could start her life as an obedient housewife to a rich NRI businessman.

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