Tuesday 18 November 2014

IB Happy Hours - My Dream 24k Home with Porcelanosa

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Pick as many items as you can from Porcelanosa to build your dream home. Tell us why you chose them!

Before I start, I'd just like to mention how jealous I am of Malini Agrawal who got to go to Spain for the 24k trip. Also, LOOK! They really brought Spain to India! Well, my dream home would definitely have a mediterranean flavour to it as it really speaks volumes about good taste and luxurious living. Now, 24k has many luxury brands building the home of your dreams together and porcelanosa is one of them. They help you design your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms with their tiles and furniture. You can view their catalogue on their official website  - http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/

I have always dreamed of a home that is the perfect amalgamation of comfort and luxury. Here are the things that I'd specially like to pick out from their website for my dream home-

1. Kitchen furniture
G680 Nogal Tenue G580 Blanco Brillo
A spacious cooking and dining area is very important for a family to live together. It is a great conduit for forging relationships. The laughter and smiles spread from here and reach every corner of the home. I prefer this particular set because of its squeaky clean white colour and mediterranean feel. It can lighten up any of the Sunday brunches like a charm.

2. Indoor Furniture
Tao Negro
The indoor furniture speaks volumes about the house owner's taste and hence is a big part of the setup. I prefer this particular set because it is economical in terms of space management and is also pretty stylish and sleek. The legs of the chairs in contrast to the white floor stand out in stark contrast.

3. PAR-KER® Ceramic ParquetBritania Top 19,3 x 120 cm
Coming to the flooring, the most important aspect, at least, for me, is the finish. With the above, finish, the ease of cleaning of ceramic marries the beauty of wooden flooring. There is also the low maintenance aspect that draws me closer to this particular set of tiles. It would go great with a glass door opening to an outdoor green lawn (like in the picture) rendering a close-to-nature appeal to the living room.

4. Bathroom furniture
Nouveau Negro Berenjena / Plata Vieja
The bathroom is a place where everyone feels like a king. It is your territory where you can stop caring about the world and just be. This set of bathroom furniture in particular portrays my idea perfectly with the regal finish and design. I would love to own this bad boy due to its royal, artistic yet, friendly appeal.

5. Wardrobe and dressing room
Natura Roble Marengo / Lino CancĂșn Textil
If there is any other place in the house  that signifies the me-time other than the bathroom, it is the dressing area. It is where one prepares himself to face the world. I would love to have furniture like this in my dressing room. The freedom of space would prepare me for the battles of the day and the confidence attained from here can help me get through the day with elan.

There are many more options on the site and frankly, one cannot get enough of these things. Have a look yourself and come back with a list of your own.

Thanks Indiblogger for this opportunity. 

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