Monday 4 January 2016

A little positivity

Well, 2015 headlines were laced with bad news- intolerance shmintolerance included. But, there was, as always, some positive in all that muck. There were people inventing things, doing things, going places and helping others. One such story is of my Facebook friend Bhawna Khattar. She has been working with an NGO called Project Potential.

The website (Click here)

Theses people along with other foundations like Pratham are doing good work in the field of literacy in parts of rural Bihar. There are small hamlets near the India- Nepal border where children do not have access to schools and basic amenities. These people go there not just to teach but to empower the locals with tools of self-governance. 
So, every other day, my Facebook newsfeed is filled with Bhawna's feats in rural India. And she makes work seem like fun. This is what happens when you put your heart into your work. 
These photos are proof (captions are also hers)

My favourite part of being here- people in the village. It's such a delight to be around them, to hear their stories, to feel so much warmth, plus they never let me leave without chai! They make me feel at home, this is home. 

Half of India's children can't read and 90% of children never even graduate from high school. To change that, Pratham Education Foundation has launched Lakhon mein Ek, a campaign to improve learning in 100,000 villages across India. A few teammates went to Patna this week to learn more about the campaign, as we are partnering with Pratham for this project and will be running learning camps in 75 different villages!

Dovatoli (Doobatoli) is a small village near Nepal border in Dighalbank, Bihar. There is no school in the village, not even an 'anganwadi'. Why? Just because it is near the border, the kids don't have a right to attain education? Apparently, yes! The people there say that they have complained to the district head multiple times. 
The good part is- When we went to this village, the villagers were very excited. Now two local volunteers are going to work towards bringing about a change in their own village. Those who wish to change things don't wait for outside support, when a village decides it wants to grow, it surely will!

P.S. It's Nepal border at the back.

Just some happy photos-

So, this was my happy vibe in 2015 and I am sure they will keep up the good work in 2016 too. This blogpost is a small token of support to all those volunteers out there. Stay awesome guys and #SpreadTheVibe

Also, share your opinions and memoirs from the field with the team at . These guys are doing some good work with public-sourced journalism too.

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