Monday 18 January 2016

The 5 most annoying advertisements in India right now!

Some ads on the internet and television right now seems to be the brainchildren of very tired copywriters and clients who are Jon Snow (knows nothing). Here we will list a few of them-

1. Vimal Pan Masala (feat. Ajay Devgn)

Oh! People playing Holi with saffron in slo-mo, celebrations all around, kites flying in a traditional Rajasthani backdrop replete with a fort, flying dupattas and everything!! Is it an ad for 'Incredible India'? Nope, it is all about a Pan Masala. Y u do dis Ajay Devgn?

All those perfect camera moments just to show that Pan Masala is a traditional Indian delicacy and not at all a cancer-causing, uncool, stupid hobby of rickshaw-wallas all across the country.

2. Fogg- Kya Chal Raha Hai?

So, when you say 'Fogg chal raha hai!' to someone who asks you what's up, the joke is on them? Why are all these people so dumbfounded to the reply? It is not even a wisecrack! And they made it about patriotism too! An Indian army officer used the reply to defeat the enemy in a war of quips!

Why aren't the people replying to 'Fogg chal raha hai!' with 'Dude you high or something?'

Also, why are the Fogg chal raha hai people so smug. You are just advertising about a random deodorant you dumbass! Your reply doesn't even mean anything!

3. Comfort Fabric Conditioner

The ad goes great until the point where the animated man who is made of 'cloth' starts singing. The jingle singer got a bit carried away there. He is just saying un-cool, commonplace things. Those can't be called lyrics. And he is singing! And he thinks he is Kishore Kumar. Well, he is not.

Hand me the remote.

4. Rajnigandha Silver Pearls feat. Priyanka Chopra

The ad's central theme is that people think Priyanka Chopra is selfish. She is thinking about those people as she descends down some stairs. Then she sees a busboy stumble. She immediately helps him regain his balance. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should eat Rajnigandha.

~End of commercial ~

5. Idea- India Share Karega 

The ad is about two people who are working in an office but are thinking about when will they start earning. Interns? Fair enough. Now, the idea is that they don't have to start earning to start charity. They can start charity by sharing internet packs with others. Now, there are two major flaws with this idea.
1. If the whole idea of your fcking charity was to recharge someone's phone, you could have done it from a recharge shop anyway.
2. Guess what, you are still sharing something (the internet pack) which you bought with money. So, how did you solve the 'we are not earning' problem, you a$$holes!?!

Ok, I apologize for the profanity. Also the logic behind this ad- They want us to share internet with others. Like that's their marketing strategy, their selling point! Our product is so good, that you should buy it and give it to someone else for free! Buy internet and gift it to an illiterate watchman who is probably gonna use it to watch porn!!

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