Saturday 26 March 2016

For Dr Pankaj Narang


Saddening to see the story. The dentist was murdered for nothing. It isn't about Islam. It is a very local issue.
An issue of vote bank politics and ghettoisation. In Delhi or in any Indian city, you can see slums which seem to be stuck in time. Development and cleanliness stops right at the entry flyover to the slum. The population density is high and resources are few. Most of these areas have minority communities of which Islam is a major part. It isn't a coincidence. Muslims haven't chosen the slum life but they have been used as a vote bank. Their leaders have always poisoned them with a fear against majority communities and the sad thing is every reason that could give a rise to those fears has been exploited. So now, we have this situation at hand. This grand divide- this 'us' versus 'them'. The feeling is mutual and it is dangerous. This isn't 'intolerance' and 'divisive media' that has just cropped up. It has been this way all this while. Slums are great vote banks. High population density, high voter turnout and easy to mobilize through money or indoctrination. It is not the time to find reasons though. It is time to punish the guilty and set examples. But, it would also help if incidents like these become reason for future course corrections for our politicians.

As a footnote, I would also like to add that Islam does need some reforms. Every religion needs to evolve. But that issue has nothing to do with such incidents.

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