Friday 29 April 2016

Better Love Stories

There is something about people who fall easy. People who cannot make a pros and cons list to save their life. They smile when a stranger cracks a joke and can be easily pranked. These people walk among us with their patched up, repaired, battered hearts. When they sit with people with shiny new hearts in mint condition, they do not feel envy though.
They do wish for a new heart but, truth be told, if they were given a new heart, they would rip out the wrapping and throw it out there to be broken again. It is the only way they know how to live. These are the people who write love stories with their sweat and sometimes, if absolutely necessary, blood. Not everyone can be like them. People watch these characters in books and movies and marvel at them but, not everyone can go out there and be silly in love.

Love isn't about one chase or one win. It is about consistency. Lovers don't always get their perfect matches. Because life isn't perfect. So, lovers lose and they take pride in losing. Because every battle wound, every scar is a thing of pride. If you have had a broken heart, you must rejoice. It's sign that you have a heart.

There is one thing that needs to change though. Traditionally, the lovers have fallen for people who have it together. The unbroken people. These are the sane ones, the practical ones. The impractical ones described in the earlier paragraphs need a muse. And traditionally the muse has been distant. Hence the chase, the courtship- basically the first half of any love story.

How wonderful it would be to do things differently though? Isn't the girl who smiles often and has a kind soul automatically more attractive than the one who calmly walks past beggars with her nose high?

The guy who feeds birds and sits in the park and teaches kids in his free time- shouldn't he be the muse of a lover instead of the broody guitarist who has a mysterious air about him?

How about some better love stories?

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