Saturday 14 May 2016

Annoyingly Preachy Rant

Have you ever hit rock bottom? In the folklore, it is an unhappy place. A dungeon with chains and dragons spitting fire! We are all driven by goals and also the fear of failure. But, what if someone whispered in our ears that there is no such thing as a complete failure and it is okay to fail.

'Blasphemy!' The Principals and teachers and lecturers and parents would gasp collectively.
Rock bottom is a friendly place. When you are fighting to get that college seat through competitive exams, your studymates would never let you see their notes. The vicious ones would even pray that you fall sick before exams. But once you are at rock bottom, the same vicious ones MIGHT just give you their room to stay. Some random stranger might just gift you his only partially torn jeans. Suddenly the laws of jungle will be relaxed for you. Now, don't you wish this feeling could last forever?
When you are down, your life is more intense. It is more meaningful. I am not trying to de-motivate you, asking your to stay down or anything. I am just whispering the magic words in your ears. And here is what I have to whisper-
Just like in school, they told you that all you had to do is pass tests and life would be smooth; they are now telling you that all you have to do is get a good job and earn money and life would be smooth.
Life may or may not be smooth but, if irrespective of that, you mentally stay at rock bottom, you will be good. You don't want smooth, trust me. You want good.

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