Friday 24 August 2012

Long overdue.GKB Opticals, thanks a lot!

It has been much selfish on my part to take away the sunglasses after winning the contest conducted by on and never offer a vote of thanks. So better late than never, here it comes...

 A big THANK YOU to both of you, you blogadda guys are doing a great job and even though you didn't select me as a premium blogger, I know that your blog is in the right place. Hehe... Just kidding, I am nowhere close to the people you chose. Amazing team!

And to GKB Opticals, you folks have an amazing collection! Keep rocking!!

 About the glasses, these RayBans are amazing and go nicely with my face-cut. I can wear them on bike trips, brunches, sunday picnics, on my way to work, basically everywhere.

The aviators are cool for all seasons and the best part is, they give the classic look which never goes out of fashion. They go equally nicely with denims, jackets, scarves and T shirts. Here is the look that takes the prize for me-

Much love,

ABD out!

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