Thursday 23 August 2012

You Ask Me "Why Melbourne?"

This entry has been written for the "'s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!" contest conducted by Indiblogger. I was sure I wanted to go there and have a ball but then Indiblogger grabbed me by my collar and asked me- "That's all fine, mate! But why Melbourne?" and I went looking for an answer to the - Official website for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; I came back brimming with answers. So many answers that now one blog post might not do justice to it.

Here is why-

1. The Dance Clubs.

Admittedly I love to dance.... a lot. I love the dancing lights and thump of heavy beats. Couple that with an awesome crowd and you have a guarantee for a good time. I would love to hit the "Prince of Wales", "Room 680" or "Revolver." and celebrate every moment of being alive.

2. The Bookstores. 

I love the smell, the crispiness of fresh pages just out of print, I love to flip through the pages of a good book and check this- "Melbourne boasts more bookshops per head than anywhere else in Australia." City Bookstore, Coventry Nation, Mag Station, Sticky- The list of names of these bookstores is enough for a book-a-holic like me to start packing.

3. The Music Scene

The site tells me that Victoria has a very happening live music scene and those who have been to live concerts tell me that there is nothing better than being in a live concerts to amazing artists. Goose-bumps galore!! All the more reason to be there.

4. Walking Tours

Now are you telling me, I can just walk around in the city and it will be a workshop enriching me as an artist, an art connoisseur, a photographer and a traveler! I mean how cool is that!!

5. Nature Park

Phillip island nature park is where I can say hello to the two cutest little species that every inhabited the earth. The penguins and the koalas. I found them adorable and would love to capture and take back the memories. 

6. Food

I hear the "Great Ocean Road" serves some amazing seafood. I have always been very fond of seafood. The tinge in the aroma is something that lingers for a long while. Also the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges seem to be serving straight from the paddock to the plate. Can't wait to nomnom and chompchomp!!

7. Beaches.

During the night, I get to party in one of the most happening clubs and dine at one of the finest restaurants in the world and during the day, I can go surfing in the ocean? Am I spoiled for choices or what? Great ocean road, Mornington peninsula, Phillip Island, Cape Bridgewater... hmph! The list is endless and time is too little.

8. Sovereign Hill

Time to take a trip back in time. Back in the Victorian era where horse drawn carriages ran across the city and street performers charmed their way to our hearts! Bring it on Melbourne, bring it all on!

9. Aboriginal Victoria

For someone so interested in anthropology, this tour will be an enriching experience for a lifetime. I'd get to see the fascinating beliefs, rituals and culture of 60,000 years of rich history. Yes, sir. I kid you not!

10. Old Melbourne Gaol Crime and Justice Experience.

A 19th century prison which housed some of the most vicious criminals of its time. Thrilling and scary. Bring it on!

11. Ballooning.

Yes, we can take a glimpse of this majestic city atop a giant air balloon. This is as thrilling as it gets.I'd feel like Batman watching over my beloved Gotham city. Majestic, serene, rich and scenic.

And of course there is the cricket ground! Jeez! How can I forget that!? Cherry on the top!
So, this was why I am dying to go to Melbourne and why if I don't win this contest, I'll be going there on my honeymoon. Jeez, I need to save up!

I have visited Melbourne in my dreams many a time and I think...'s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!


  1. ThAts an interesting list . Good luck :)

  2. nice list ...Good luck for the competition

  3. Melbourne reportedly has 70 bookstores in its central business district area ! This must be the highest concentration anywhere in the world.

    Good luck for the contest. :-)

    1. :) Thanks for sharing that fact! And thanks!!

  4. Melbourne reportedly has 70 bookstores in its central business district area ! This must be the highest concentration anywhere in the world.

    Good luck for the contest. :-)

  5. Wow!! An interesting list! And ofcourse, the photos made the reading much more livley! All the best for the contest!

  6. no.8 has cot my fancy:) i wish to go there some time..thanks for sharing and all the best

  7. Good amalgamation of beautiful snaps and your artistic expressions.
    GOod wishes.


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