Saturday 18 August 2012

The Impact Of Negative News

If you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper these days, there will hardly be any positive news to instill some hope in your already burdened and fatigued mind. Anna Hazare was the one last big bubble that burst a few days back. There are riots in Assam, girls getting molested, foreigners getting beaten up, babies being battered to death, petrol prices shooting, power grid failures, tyrant chief ministers running amok with their absurd antics and to top that, a government that doesn't take the responsibility of anything. 

In such times, one would look forward to pre-term general elections and hope for the opposition to present with a strong, people friendly agenda, They might have the plan to loot the country even further but just the sweet talk has been known to soothe the ailing hearts and minds of Indian common citizens.Such a simple task, unbelievably, cannot be accomplished by Lalkrishna Adwani & Co. Instead, they are fighting among themselves, playing the blame game and taking time for "introspection". 

In such times, what we really need is a positive news builder society or PNBS. PNBS should be allowed to concoct positive news to cheer us up and freshen our minds. People can subscribe to it by choice and enjoy the ostrich in sand status until the dawn really comes. I think I have created a great idea! Gosh! Why am I not getting paid for writing all this? I should be paid for this idea... I am very depressed now! 



  1. I know 2012 seems to have seen some of the most depressing news.. not cool! :(

  2. Spreading positive things is a responsibility of the media too...Unfortunately our media has also become profit oriented and only sensational stuff is getting all the attention!


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