Saturday 1 December 2012

Silence is a great healer.

Silence is a great healer and that's why he chose to remain silent. He was supposed to be heading the pack but the right was snatched away from him. He wasn't a born leader but he was improving, he was working tirelessly on the pitch of his voice, the right intonation, conviction in ideas. It all boiled down to nothing when his voice wasn't heard and his self esteem was shattered. He hated the matriarch for this. He knew it was his rightful duty to raise voice against this but, he also knew that doing so would cost him and the party dearly. He kept quiet and became the unsung hero. He bore the load of charges against his team single-handedly. Never spoke a single world. Never did he lose his temper. His silence was golden. Some even rechristened him as "Maunmohan Singh" but he never opened his mouth.
He is our prime minister.

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  1. Lol, did the silence heal though? :)
    Nice reading you after long.

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