Tuesday 29 January 2013

Hair today, better gone tomorrow.

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She looked at me angrily,
It was a cold January night.
I froze in her gaze, and grinned,
as I didn't want to fight.

She gave me the look,
the look of disgust.
I was shaken from within,
If know, you must.

She had been an angel,
and was calm and composed.
Never did I expect her,
to scream and explode.

I am not good at this,
figuring out what's wrong..
I am one of those, who'd
rather sing their own song.

She was angry and,
I didn't know my mistake.
Asking her about it,
wasn't a piece of cake.

There was no other choice,
I had to take a guess.
For crimes I didn't commit,
now I'll have to confess.

I took a deep breath,
"Is it something I said?"
I spoke with a shudder,
I was as good as dead.

"Is it the comment I made,
about the way you talked?"
"Or is it the jest I made,
of your mom's wobbly walk?"

Her eyes filled with wrath,
I was hard to save.
I knew this was a bad idea,
I was digging my own grave.

She stopped me mid-sentence,
perhaps, out of pity.
Her eyes fumed, with no mercy,
burning my arguments' nitty gritty.

Before she could begin,
and I knew how it was gonna go.
She caught me staring,
and don't get me wrong bro!

It was a harmless strand of hair,
Shy, reticent, looking for approval.
Peeping through her armpit,
I wish she had opted for hair removal.

The bugle of the the war, 
that had been sounded.
Was withdrawn for a while,
as the leader was wounded.

She was a tad embarrassed,
wasn't gleeful as such.
I was like a foreign spy,
who knew too much.

She was about to scold me,
for not so long.
But now that I had seen it,
bro! It was on!

She went on explaining,
my each and every crime.
She went on from that moment,
to the beginning of time.

It was my fault or not,
guess, we'll never know.
I have no proof other than,
fingerprints to show.

Yes the prints came from,
that one tight slap.
Which ended her argument,
like a racer's last lap.

I am a victim of fate,
a fate so cruel.
I really wish she had,
opted for hair removal.


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  1. LOL! That was a fun read. Never say anything to a girl :P

    All the very best Abhyudaya :)


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