Tuesday 29 January 2013

RIP By Mukul Deva- Book Review

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Book- RIP
Author- Mukul Deva
Publisher : Westland Books
ISBN : 978-93-82618-19-5
Genre : Thriller, Fiction

Thank you once again Blogadda for the opportunity to review another nail-biter. The book cover has a dangerous feel with the syringe pointing downwards against a backdrop of a soldier standing guard against the enemy on a hill top as the sun shines. That kind of sets the mood for this fast-paced thriller which has all elements of an action movie with an emotional appeal. 

The book begins with an introduction to the author and all the rave reviews that he has received thus far. An ex-army personnel with a record of five best-sellers in last five years, India's literary storm trooper and one of the pioneers of Indian thriller novels in the military genre. This impressive record and background sets the mood for the read and there will be no disappointments. Yes, you can smell the gunpowder quite literally while flipping through the pages. The details although purposefully kept vague as a precautionary measure are chilling and realistic at times. 

Coming to the plot- it revolves around the K team called simply because all it's members' names start with the letter K- Colonel Krishna Athawale, Major Karan Singh, Major Kevin David, Major Kashif Nadeem, Major Kamlesh Saikia and Major Kulwant Singh Bajwa. Notice that the team is very secular. It seems to be a very bright move by the author to infuse a bit of symbolism in the story. So this team comprising of ex- para commandos sets out to cleanse the system. On the border they've saved us from the enemy but now they've started this movement against the enemy within. People in politics and bureaucracy who have been eating away the nation bit by bit and have been escaping the wheels of justice- they need to be steam-rolled and weeded out from the nation's system in order to secure a developing, healthy society. With this ideology and oodles of patriotism, our protagonists set out on their mission. The best part about having many protagonists is that the author gets to play with a lot of emotions and invoke a lot of feelings. The book never loses its grip on the reader and is as fast-paced as guaranteed in the reviews.

This team is countered by two sets of individuals. One is the CBI team comprising of Vinod Bedi and Nandakumar while the other is a fallen angel Raghav Bhagat hired by Home minister who too is an ex-para commando. 

The novel starts in a classy James Bond-esque setting where the K team is shown in action while the emotions at play are described in a seamless manner. It is not a hollywood thriller with no soul but an Indian movie with a very Indian soul but a classy, to the point approach.

The author seems to have a lot of pent up anger inside him  against corruption which is visible on the pages of the book. He doesn't want to promote this killings but he clearly states that he wouldn't condemn such people like the K team. This strong sense of patriotism is visible in his writing. It is very real and certain characters will make you sit up with wide eyes. I won't divulge any further details now.

All in all, a good late night read. It sets the blood boiling and if yours is already boiling, it'll set your heart racing against all that's wrong with India today. Read it as common man. It'll make you feel empowered.

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