Monday 7 January 2013

Shave or Crave- A Brief History Of Time

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This movement is not a recent one. It's been around ever since mankind started evolving. Don't believe me? I guess it's time I gave you all a history lesson. Let me take you back to not 20, not 30 but 65 million years back. Our characters are part of the oldest known primate species- the Plesiadapis. Mr. Unganba and Mrs Bruhaha! Yup! Those were precisely their names.

It was one fine morning in the grasslands of North America that Mr. Unganba was roaming around hunting deer. He nailed a beauty and was on his way home thinking how Mrs Bruhaha will welcome him once he displays his trophy!

As he reached the cave, it was already evening and he was dead tired to rub his stubble on the Gillette rock to smoothen his stubble for Mrs. Bruhaha's sweet love! He dragged the deer carcass inside home with hope that she'll be delighted to see him and look ho! She was already cuddling (ahem! to put it gently) with another Plesiadepian!! Unganba was heart broken!

He expressed his sadness through the following poem he wrote on a rock-

"inga boo bazinga,
Zillette, bazinga hooga bruu
Prota prota, milan zanga
Blogadda rocka,
Unganba shoopa!"

Which, translated to English means-

"She left me for another man,
who was smarter and clean shaven.
I've learnt my lesson and
I'll never forget it again!"


That rock was found by our scientists Mr. Gillette and has helped inculcate good shaving manners among men since time immemorial. 

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