Saturday, 31 May 2014

Baggout- Blog and Win Contest

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So, I get this mail from Seems like a new Indian startup and the contest sounds fun too. Ok, so here is my entry-

Rajnikant's Shopping Experience on Baggout

Rajni sir once decided to buy a brand new pair of sunglasses for himself so that he could add more to the swag. He had heard of this new website called and thought to give it a try. He threw a cigarette in the air and opened his laptop, browsed the site, checked out all the deals from flipkart, saw that there is upto Rs. 210 cashback on purchases from, 6% cashback from Jabong and upto Rs 188 cashback from Indiatimes Shopping. Impressed with the deals on Baggout, he took a round of Earth, spread the news in other solar systems, came back and caught the cigarette he had thrown in the air with his teeth.

As the news spread that Rajni sir has come online, the web traffic was paused and all mere mortals were made to log out from the net so that he could have a swift browsing experience. The Facebook closed, the Twitter bird flew away, Pinterest's pins got loose and fell down, Tumblr went down the hill tumbling, Google + became Google -... You get the point!

"Whoosh! Whhoosh!" He adjusted his hair and put his hand inside his computer to grab hold of the sunglasses he liked. The laws of physics tried to restrict his advances but he slapped them around and showed them their place. Then he threw all the sunglasses he had chosen in the air. The first one landed swiftly on his face. He kicked the sofa in front of him which tilted to hit the table which shifted a little to hit the vase which reclined on a rocking chair which rocked just 30 degrees to hit a mirror so that it could turn in Rajni's way so that he could see how he looked.

He didn't quite like the shades so he flicked them away with his little finger, just in time for the second pair of shades to land on his face. He smirked in the mirror but soon grew tired of the glasses, he flicked them too as the next pair landed. This went on for a while. Of course for a normal eye, it was all too fast to record. This was all recorded on a camera and played on super slow motion so that a mere mortal can visualize it.

Finally he came to like one pair of shades. He kicked the rest of the shades and they all went back to the website. The web traffic which had paused so that Rajni sir could shop easily went back to normal and the Internet bowed to him for his precious time. Of course, the righteous man he is, he didn't just take the shades. He took them and threw them in the air with a smile. And since his hands were tired from all the trying, he leaned back and let his toes do the transaction.

He got cashback which he immediately donated to charity being the generous one that he is and then took a nap, shot a movie, took a shower, had his lunch, dinner, slept, woke up, took breakfast and the next day came back to sit in the same spot. The shades landed right on time. People from Earth and all other planets with life gave him a hearty applause. He raised his hand to receive their greetings.

Mind it!! #TrueStory!


Post by Abhyudaya Shrivastava.

My entry for Baggout contest

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