Monday 26 May 2014

My role model- Myself

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Well, at the cost of sounding like a narcissist, I would like to say that my role model is myself. Trust me, it is not an arrogant statement. I don't say that I am so impressive that the World should bow to me or that my only competition is me because I am so awesome. I am not the most humble and modest guy in the World but I know if I say that my role model is me myself, I sound more like a WWE wrestler entertaining people in the ring with my arrogance. I mean in the most humblest, introspective and modest way that I continuously impress myself with all my capabilities and potential. Again, it's not pride, it is just me marveling at all those things that God can endow to a mortal being.

Even in ancient Indian philosophy, this thought is reflected as "Aham Brahmasmi" i.e. I am God. To confuse it with false notions about self would be wrong. The idea incorporates thankfulness, being at peace with who you are and a wish to be the best that you can be.

Ok, I think that is enough philosophy for now. All those who dozed off during my lecture please wake up!

When I look back at my childhood, I remember all those times when I felt awesome. Be it performing well at exams. Consistently. Being a junior voice artist in All India Radio, drawing all those sketches which won me many prizes and accolades; all those nice and mature things I did during my tumultous love life- handling a breakup with maturity, holding in my emotions, I even played Agony Aunt... well Agony Uncle to so many of my friends going through tough times. ALSO... having a sense of humour in times of calamity... All those things make me proud of myself and I want to be the person that I am always.

It is not easy though. It is a constant effort, to do stuff that you love, not to give in to the pressure. I have all the values that I have imbibed from my grandparents- Babaji and Dadiji, the discipline taught to me by my Dad, the compassion and stoicism from my mother; plus all my friends who help me be the way I am by being a constant encouragement; and last but least, all my ex-gfs who tolerated me and made me realize how much I still have to learn.

All these elements come together to form me and I wish that I never stop this process of constant evolution. So, my role model, a mix of all these little values, wisdom and qualities.. is me!

Thanks for watching.

And here is a #Selfie of my clicked by me as me and me pose for the camera-

PS- Here is a link to a more high resolution version of the same video:

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