Wednesday 14 May 2014

My Role Model - My Dad (Special Free Pass)

Thank you Blogadda and Gillette India for this amazing opportunity. Here is my video entry for the contest and also for the special free pass to directly submit the entry without going through the application process

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Text from the video-


My name is Abhyudaya and just like Rahul Dravid, my father is my role model too.

His life is testimony to the fact that impossible is nothing. He started off as an English literature post graduate, resources were scarce and there was pressure on him to start earning.

He switched jobs, took risks, worked hard and steadily climbed up the ladder of success.

From there to a State Bank branch manager has been a long journey.

He kept on growing personally throughout these days of struggle too. He obtained a law degree and that too with distinction in the meantime.

His life has taught me that impossible is only something which you cannot visualize. If you can bring yourself to dream, that's half the job done.

I also learned from him the art of staying calm in calamities. Suppose you're on a countryside road, driving, and suddenly you hear the sound of a flat tyre. What'd you do? Panic? Get angry at your luck? Well, in these situations, i find him smiling, laughing and calmly thinking of solutions.

One more thing I admire in my Dad is his belief in himself. He never talks about failure or loss but always moves ahead with positive energy that he exudes.

Those are just few of the things that make my dad my role model.

Thanks Blogadda and Gillette for the opportunity.

Here's a selfie of me with my Dad for the selfie activity. I am all tanned from the Andaman trip. It's the only one I have right now.

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