Wednesday 18 June 2014

My Role Model- My Chachaji

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My Chachaji- Mr. Rakesh Kumar Shrivastava is my role model, he is youngest among his siblings and the sharpest in terms of intellect. I have learnt a lot from his stoicism and conviction. The anecdotes from his childhood and teenage always contain an element of eccentricity. He reminds me that it is fun to be different. He has never followed the rules, the set guidelines and has done what he has found to be right. I see him and I see a lone warrior constantly warding off the advances of mediocrity and herd mentality. He has never given in to the constant bickering of the society to live his life a certain way but he is the epitome of the fact that the only person who has a right over what you want to do and what you want to be is you. His sharp wit and sense of humour amuse me and he has kept the child in him alive just by following his heart.

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He has always inspired me to excel in my studies and other stuff too. People ask me how I learnt cartooning, drawing, how I taught myself the art and also from where did I find the zeal to pursue it. A lot of the credit actually goes to my Chachaji. I still remember vividly, although I was a little kid at that time, when he gave me a guava leaf and asked me to replicate it on paper. That seed was the beginning of it all, that small event when you pat a kid's back the first time he does well- it triggers a cascade of events unfathomable.

He is also my role model for the way he has never used his above normal intelligence to show off or to win something. The pursuit of knowledge has always been his constant goal without any ulterior motive of money or fame. His eyes light up when he is given a difficult problem to solve and the childlike curiosity and the energy is something I can learn a lot from. If science has to prosper, it needs to recruit and reward more people like my Chachaji.

He also never seems to take anything to heart. This stoicism comes with a great deal of pride in self and being comfortable in one's skin I think. I have seen him smile in the face of his worst critics and it never bothers him when snide remarks are thrown his way. I guess, it is a mark of a genius that he never really gets tied down to petty emotions and has a clear and no nonsense approach toward life.
Yes, I have a lot more to learn from him but for now, I think I have made it clear why he is my role model. :)


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