Saturday 21 June 2014

My Role Model - P G Wodehouse

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Not many people know that I am an aspiring writer and wish to publish a book someday. Yes, I know what you must be thinking! What's new in that!? Hehe.. I know there is  no dearth of "aspiring" authors in this world especially after the advent of self-publishing tools. Anyway, I too have a dream! And when I look at my bookshelf and try to pick a role model, only one name stands out among the rest of them- P G Wodehouse. His writing style is so fluid and unique that just a couple of lines can take you to a whole different world. Whenever I am done reading a Wodehouse story, I find myself sharper and wittier by a mile.

Such is the virtue of great writing; it does not leave you awestruck by shining fanciful lights directly in your eyes, instead, it inspires you to shine brighter yourself. His humour is sharp and witty and it is infectious too. When Wooster and Jeeves (his characters) begin racking their brains to look for solutions to a problem and the situations tumbles down into goofiness, you can hardly contain your amusement. You are amused not just at the language but also the expertise of the author to extract excitement out of these humdrum events.
Wodehouse is not just a writer, he is also a cartoonist; except he paints the cartoons, those caricatures with his words. The art of exaggeration is a powerful literary tool especially in satire and Wodehouse is well endowed with the skill. When I write, I want to be just like that- ticking the funny bone of my reader without insulting his intelligence; challenging it and amusing it on the contrary.

The genre that Wodehouse writes in, gives ample scope of creating sketches. Unlike a thriller novel where events take precedence over characters; Wodehouse's world relies more on the peculiarities of its characters and the humour generates itself. I do not want to create a race of emotions, there are enough people in the literary world doing that; I want my readers to sit back, relax, forget about reaching a conclusion and read my stories. I am sure it'll take a lot of effort on my side to create something Wodehouse-like but, hey! I must wish big, right?

It doesn't mean that there is no thrill or suspense in his stories. Quite the opposite! Every Jeeves story ends with a bang and you might guess the ending of an Agatha Cristie novel but it is much harder to guess what Jeeves is going to come up with in a Wodehouse story. I wish to learn to balance the skills of choosing the right words and the art of story-telling just like my favourite author.

I think I am not very good at dealing with grim or serious emotions. I tend to either over-emphasize or over-dramatize tragedy. But, if I am to create a world where even tragedy is written in the form of dark comedy, I think I can excel. It's the world of- you guessed it right! PG Wodehouse!
What Ho!

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