Monday 30 June 2014

Thoughts before I sleep

I have usually quiet days these days because I am living alone here in Delhi. Sometimes one whole day passes without talking to anyone.

The amount of proximity that you want to feel with the society around you can be finely adjusted with the basic skills of socialization.

If you want to make a lot of new friends, all you need to do is join in when people are laughing, slip out a remark and come up with clever things to say. In no time you'll be picked up, sniffed and accepted in a social group.

One more thing can be to ask for favours. You can ask anyone to transfer a movie from their laptop to your pendrive. It might be declined or ill-received but sooner or later, you'll wiggle your way into a comfortable place.

This knowledge has helped me in reverse. I know how conversations can really snowball into friendships, I have turned into a bit of a snob and have started being choosy with the people I pick for such conversations. I've also been nipping the initiations that I don't foresee going anywhere right in the bud.

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