Monday 21 July 2014

Blacking it up!

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5 things that you love in Black!

Black certainly is a colour of all times and all seasons. Seasons come, seasons go; fashion changes and so do people but black stays- timeless, graceful and mild yet emphatic as ever.

Here are 5 black things that I'd love to own-

1. A Black Italian Suit!

Yes, Godfather was a timeless classic, and there will be no parallel and I think a part of all the power play is controlled by the sartorial tastes of the mafia. I'd love to own of those dapper suits too! I think there is something about the colour which when coupled with the fabric turns boys into men and men into Godfathers!

2. A Black Superman Costume.

Ok, this might be the geek in me talking but isn't it the coolest thing to see Supes in black in the Alternate Universes by DC? Yes, red-blue is all fine but black is where "awesome" resides.I think with just one black superman tee, I can strike fear in the hearts of good and evil alike!

3. A black sedan.

Yes, Batman in his black suit and black bat-mobile is cool but there is an equally dapper and dashing guy who just drives around in his black sedan and people make way, heads turn and ladies swoon! The guy is just Batman without the suit- Bruce Wayne! I do want to be Batman, but I also want to be Bruce!!

4. Black aviators.

I think once you put those bad boys on, your sex appeal multiplies by a thousand and also, you can imagine punching goons and having them fly away to outer space. Reference here is Salman Dabang Khan.

5. A Black hoodie!

Now since I already have a black laptop, a black bike, I think a black hoodie would complete the gothic look. I'd turn the hood on and disappear in the dark alleys of a metropolitan mysteriously. A hoodie turns you into an agent of the dark and so much more! It can also serve to accessorize the alter ego to my Italian suit wearing persona. On one side I am this sedan driving, dapper powerful guy and on the other side, I am this hooded agent of chaos who walks alone.

Ah! This completes the list- Thank you blogadda for spicing up my imagination!

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