Monday 21 July 2014

Don't Shoot the Zester!

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Zest up your life

Here are the five things that would totally zest my life in an upward direction-

1. A sea facing bungalow

I think there is nothing more romantic than a life of tranquility and peace. When I think of a home somewhere near the ocean and walking my dog, preferably a Labrador, by the beach as the sun rises, I get the heebie-jeebies of excitement and happiness.

2. A love story

It is my dream to have a grand love story with twists, destiny, conflict and comeuppance just like in the movies. That surely is going to zest up my life. Love is what makes life worth living.

3. A wingman.

I think just like we all seek 'the one', someone who is meant for us; we also want a friend who'd be happy for us. A wingman who'd be happy when we find a girl and who'd ask her vehemently not to get married so that we can keep being boys forever! Bromance might not be something that men comfortably yearn for in the public but it sure zests up their lives a couple of notches above every level of awesomeness, nay! brosomeness!

4. A late night adventure ride

Nights are mysterious, nights are unpredictable. They change you forever, push you out of your comfort zones and bring out your inner werewolves! I'd love to have one such night which would be filled with all the adventures of a thriller novel. A night to remember! A long drive to discover the underworld!

5. A truckload of cash!

I think it is one of the more shallow but obvious choices. I can build my own castle, keep my own army, buy my own island, declare myself to be the monarch of that island; or maybe just go on a world tour or buy a lot of books. I don't know but, money gives you the freedom to do things and that is the essence of zesting up your life!

Thank you blogadda for letting me wish! :)) Cheers!

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