Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 in review

2014 was a great year for me. It gave me so many memories and new directions that I am literally overwhelmed. True, my search of 'true love' and other corny things didn't lead me anywhere but life has been eventful.

This was the year I started working in SmileArc Dental Clinic, Mayom Hospital and the experience has been delightful. I am so happy to have such helpful seniors who let me have this opportunity. My experiences with patients have been humbling and educative. I have had patients who wanted to hold my hand during anaesthesia injections, patients who would ask too many questions, patients who wanted free goodies, patients who wanted to bargain for the costs of the treatment. They have all been my teachers. And the learning curve has been immensely gratifying.

This was also the year I moved to Gurgaon from New Delhi and discovered another world. A world where pedestrians are an abomination and cars are the norm. I like the high rise buildings and the broad roads but I hope the people took to walking a little more. I like how pizza delivery boys are everywhere here. I like how now cheese crust is now available for regular size pizza too.

This was also the year when I again thought of giving love a chance. Well, that chapter will unfold in 2015. This year wasn't that eventful.

It was also the year I went to Mussoorie and met Ruskin Bond! It was a dream come true and the most amazing thing is that the person who was an inspiration behind it was just a chance encounter. Sometimes, people come to your life just to give you something that belonged to you. I still remember the moment when I handed my hand-drawn card to Mr Bond and he smiled when he saw it. I am beginning to believe in destiny.

As a blogger, this year brought me immense joy as I had these two emails in my inbox from two leading blogging portals in India-

Things like these make life awesome, don't they?

It was also the year I started reading fiction again and how! I have come a long way with my book reviews and am getting requests to review newly launched books on a regular basis. So, the year was good for my blog too. 

Yes, there were lows on the career front. I couldn't clear the UPSC prelims, there was hopelessness after seeing the cut-throat competition in dentistry in India. There was heartbreak and loneliness but now as I enter 2015, those low points seem to disappear into oblivion.

Cheers to a happy new year!

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