Friday 23 January 2015

Indiblogger - Cupid Games 2015

Hi guys and girls,

So, close up is doing this amazing challenge thing on and they've collaborated with Indiblogger and have come up with this cool Cupid Games theme. Check out-

Yup, there is +Kanan Gill in that video. Girls go drool, drool!

Now, what I am doing the Happy Hours challenge by Indiblogger and CloseUp and here's my cue-

Cupid Games 2015

If you had to propose to your crush on Valentine's day how would you do it? The more zany the better!

Hmm... if I had to propose to my crush on Valentine's day, I'd first send a huge box right to her doorstep inside which there would be like two-three other boxes. Then in the innermost box, I'd put a key. I'd also put a riddle in a scroll right by the side of the key. The riddle would have some cheesy answer. It'd go somewhat like this-

Roses are red, violets are blue,

How to end this poem, I have no clue.

What I am about to say, is 100% true,

It's the key to what I have given you.

So, she'd be all 'eww' because of the cheesiness. But she'll smile maybe because, c'mon, admit it, cheesiness is sort of cute sometimes. Then I'd send her a text-

The answer is my heart!
and then after letting it sink in, I'll send her another text.

Open the door!

She'd open the door, and there I'd be. Standing with a box. I'll do some magic tricks for the special effects maybe or maybe just decide on the spot. Then I'd ask her to open the box that I had brought. The key would open the box and inside it would be hr favourite book. Her favourite part would be bookmarked in it and she'd flip it open to see a a pop-out card asking her to go out with me. When she says yes, and she will, I will take her leave and tell her that I will pick up from her home.

In the evening, with all preparations, I'll come in a chauffeur-driver car. There would be roses and balloons and many more things that'd make her blush. I will overdo the cliches maybe because, I think when you go all out for someone, these things kind of make an impact. There is a reason cliches exist.

Once she is done blushing, we'd probably head out for dinner and have a nice meal. I would take her to the fanciest place in town and let her know that I am ready to splurge on her. Later we will go to a place where wind blows freely- maybe the top of a hill or a romantic tower. I'd pop the question if she says yes, I will act all cool and normal as if it is routine thing. Then maybe out of the sheer joy, I will break into a crazy dance routine. 

We'd drive back to her place and I'll send the car back a kilometer or two before the destination. We'll walk toward her home and by then, I'd have arranged for a gift box to be delivered at her doorstep. In every box that was empty in the morning, there would be gifts which she can use.

In the biggest box, there would be a backpack for the traveler in her, in the smaller one, there would be a collection of books by George R R Martin or Tolkein because I know how much she loves fantasy fiction, in the smallest one, I'd put a scroll of all the promises that I want to make to her.

I would be all about making her feel special!

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  1. Now, who wouldn't die to be your Valentine :D :D . *wait, did that even sound right??*


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