Monday 19 January 2015

Conversations with the coffee guy: Who weds whom?

The other day, the guy who serves coffee in my hospital came up to me and told me what he thinks about marriage. Not out of the blue, of course. We were having a livid discussion earlier in the cafeteria and he was telling me how his 'girlfriend' had stopped taking his calls. A lovers' tiff apparently.

The coffee guy

So, when we next met, he asked me what I thought about marriage. His question was that in a marriage, two people marry each other, that's a general idea but who among the bride and groom wields greater power in choosing the partner? In short, who marries whom? I wondered which way I should go so that he feels more at ease. I took a swing toward the more chauvinistic side and started saying that since it's the guy to whom the girl is coming, leaving her family behind and then they start life afresh, maybe it is the guy who heroically marries the girl and ushers in a new chapter in her life.

He pretended as if he hadn't listened to my theory (thankfully) as his was much more progressive and put me to shame. He said that in any union, the human female is the decider as she hold the key to her heart and soul. (Of course, he said these things in Hindi but they were as philosophical)

He went on describe how females are less dependent emotionally and can easily live lives sharing and caring. It is us, the males who need support and an affirmation that we're the only people they love.

Of course, there are cheating males and needy females but, these are just some simple thoughts from a simple guy who brings me coffee. So, I am putting them out there.

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