Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What is love? #RandomThoughts

Ah... love! Love is when there is no doubt, no fear and no bondage. It is when you are sure of yourself. 

You are not afraid but it is not because there is nothing to be afraid of, quite the opposite; it is because although there might be adversities but, you are not thinking about 'self' anymore. 

You cease to be important because the most important fabric of your being detaches itself from you and houses itself in someone else's soul. You become nothing and your love becomes everything.

You are not even scared of getting hurt because the emotion is not tangible, it cannot be hurt, it just exists. It hovers over your head and encompasses all your thoughts and actions. It is love.


  1. Love in itself is everything
    The very existence of anything
    Hurt is when we fear
    That we might lose a dear
    But what we forget
    Is that love is a plate
    Which feeds all but still none
    The small difference between the many "one"
    Is the belief with which we love ourselves
    For when we have never been the sun's elves
    How do we shine the radiant warmth
    On a body so different from us on this earth?

  2. Profound! :) Humbled to have a poetess commenting on my blog.


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