Monday 22 December 2014

#WillYouShave for glory?

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I used to sport a lazy stubble until I got admission a dental college. My education in a professional college was my first step toward my awareness for the importance of a shaven face. I recall there were times when my teachers would send me back to hostel just so that I can shave and come back to the clinics. As a dentist, it is all the more important for us to have a clean, shaven look. A dentist who sports a stubble gives off the impression of untidiness and carelessness.

After college, there was a lull in my career as I dropped a year to prepare for various competitive exams including the civil services. The stubble started to grow and it is noticeable fact that I dated no one in this time slot. I turned into a sloth. I joined a clinic later on in 2014 and as I put on the apron, I realized that the stubble had to go. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, especially as a healthcare professional, you have to spend some time on your grooming. Shaving is an essential and indispensable part of that grooming routine.

Nowadays I have joined a clinic and have to shave daily so that a clean sharp look keeps me looking like a dentist as patients march in and march out of my clinic happily. It has also added to my confidence and I can feel it in my voice and gait. I see it in all the people who are in higher posts or powerful positions, I never see them in unkempt, untidy clothes with unshaven faces. It just does not go with the position. They say one should dress for the job he wants. They should also include grooming in that adage.

Shaving is also associated with cleanliness as an unshaven face hides many things including pimples and dead skin. In short, shaving is what men do to remain men.

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