Thursday 5 March 2015

A story about optimism

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Prompt- Write a story around a moment that filled you with optimism and hope for the future. 

My story-

I had newly taken admission in a dental college in Davangere, Karnataka. After the counselling was over, it was time for me and my Dad to explore Bengaluru. After getting accepted in one of the topmost dental colleges in India, I had sprouted new wings and was looking at the world with rose-tinted glasses. I had bought for myself a newsboy cap and had convinced at least myself that I had given myself a makeover.

In that jolly mood, we explored Bangalore. I wondered what life had in store for me for the coming five years. I knew it wouldn't be all fun and games but, the toughest part in one's academic life- getting admitted in a good, reputed college was finally over. I was looking forward to everything that lied ahead in my path. Finally, we reached the famous Bull Temple in Bangalore and went inside to offer our prayers. Unmindful of the expected decorum, I wore my cap inside the temple premises. My father went to the other side of the temple and I stood right in front of the deity with folded hands. So there I was, a newbie in the city, unprepared, excited, standing with folded hands in front of a familiar God among unfamiliar people.

Suddenly, I felt a gentle pat on my shoulders. Perplexed, I turned around to find an aged lady. She was smiling and had a kind aura about her. I looked at her quizzically. She pointed to my cap and said, 'You should take it off as a mark of respect to God.' Scared that I had broken some rigid protocol, I took off my cap at once. She smiled. 'Don't worry. You haven't broken a rule,' she went on, 'It is just that these small gestures make you a gentleman.'

I nodded in acknowledgement and was truly quite thankful to her. She offered me prasad and disappeared in the crowd. As soon as my father came back, I told him about this stranger who had cared enough to offer me life advice. Dad smiled and appreciated the gesture. He asked me to hold on the crux of her message and the wisdom behind it. My education in the real world had started then and there and is still going on. 

The optimism and hope behind this short incident in my life was that there are people in this world who care enough to offer you advice. They watch your back. You might know some of them, some might be family to you but some might be complete strangers. It is not a story about an old lady, it is the story of a stranger who can just pat you on your shoulder, say something that can mould your personality and then disappear like an actor who has completed her role in the play.

The best lessons are taught to you by those watchful guardians. The world is truly one big family and one doesn't need to feel alone at any time. We're all driven by ripples in this boundless ocean of kindness.

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