Tuesday 10 March 2015

Easier done than said. #StartANewLife

Moving between cities sounds much more tedious than it actually is. I can't recall how many times I have moved to a new city thinking that I will never get good friends again and that this was it. But I have been proven wrong again and again.

The first time I came to Delhi for my civil services preparation, I was alone in the national capital with no acquaintances. I went to the local library and struck a conversation with a stranger and now we are exchanging funny images on whatsapp and asking about each others' whereabouts. Living, shifting, moving, settling are much more easier than they initially seem.

As humans we are programmed to socialize with our fellow beings. The society is designed to be our safety net so, you don't need to be scared of any city or any group of people. Because, they are people and wherever there are people, there will be an invisible support system around you.

Time came when I joined a clinic in Gurgaon. I had to shift from Delhi to Gurgaon and the whole ecosystem I had got designed for me was left behind. I thought it would be hard to make friends again.

I sat in my clinic and the first day, the canteen boy brings coffee to me. Bam! There! I had a new friend. Then I hunt for a house and meet a guy who runs a real estate business. I like the rooms and take a double occupancy room. I get a roommate and there! I had another friend.

In the clinic, as the patients started pouring in, they came with their dental problems and shared their problems with me. Slowly, a rapport was built and those handshakes infused life in our humdrum lives and its silly little problems.

The whole experience much like all my older experiences reinforced my belief that it is never too lonely or too late. All you need to do is look around. A new life awaits you, every moment, every second. It hides in your choices, your handshakes, your smiles and your words. The more you interact, even if it is for brief inconsequential moments, your life gets richer and richer.

I treated an autorickshaw guy and now he throws a friendly salute at me whenever he sees me walking on the footpath. I gave a sample of a medicated toothpaste to the hospital's security guard who had bleeding gums and now he smiles at me whenever I pass by. I helped the receptionist with her toothache and now we flash a cordial 'good morning' at each other every morning. Life is made of such small things.

It is funny how I don't miss my ex anymore, how now I look forward to every day and how I have new bunch of people to share life with. Gurgaon is not scary anymore. And I am sure, whatever future city I move to, won't be either.

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