Tuesday 24 March 2015

The Dog and The Bone- A Poem

A dog guards a bone,
the bone hangs low.
The bone is up for grabs,
the dog can't be slow.

A pack gathers around,
gnarls, snarls flow.
Lustful eyes abound,
Will the bone fall though?

Chaos, fright, lust,
all parts of the show.
If the bone falls down,
where does the dog go?

The dog must leave,
leave the bone behind.
What you cannot protect,
never belonged to you.

The above poetry is written in the context of fleeing partners. Girlfriends who claim to leave their lovers if they do not treat them 'right'. Sometimes, the concepts of 'forever' and 'no matter what' get overused while describing love. I know there should be no second chances for betrayers and people who take you for granted. But, when you find someone, it is up to you to make sure that you find and fix problems instead of acting like a bone that can be snatched away. It is just a silly thought that I had.

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