Tuesday 17 May 2016

So little reward

It gets me how there are so many things in life that aren't rewarding. Politeness has no direct benefits. No benefits are there if your are extremely sincere or honest. Willingness to accept differences, gentle conduct are all reward-less. I don't think virtues make life easier. Conscience is cleaner but, that is one technicality. Conscience can be a bitch sometimes. It just keeps setting the bar higher.

Also there is a thin line between being nice and being nice for the sake of rewards or karmic brownie points. Once you decide that you are nice for a reason, your niceness becomes a pretense. I do not understand inherent goodness. But, I do admire it. I admire the character of Ram- the righteous, just man. Not to infuriate the feminists but, I get why he punished Sita. No special privileges for being the king was his point. Piousness is a dated concept. We should look at the whole thing from a subaltern view.

I don't know if I used the word subaltern correctly. I hope you got my point. The point of view of the masses of those times. He was Ram. Not Ram Mohan Roy!

Perhaps that's why I like Batman too. He is also a hero who wins no rewards. The concept is romantic. Of course, life sucks without rewards.

Then there are other things. I am good at expressing my feelings. I can write them down and people can read them and nod. They can go, 'Hmm.. this chap writes well' but if I continue doing this, only this for a living- I will make no living. Writing is tough and yet writers starve to death.

Now I sound like a crybaby to myself so, I will shut up. All I wanted to say was- someone please give me money. :P

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