Friday 17 March 2017

The Perfect One

Bridesmaid Dresses UK

Bridesmaid Dresses UK
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 She had chosen her prince after years of deliberation. He wasn't the man who could just do a neat trick or tell a good joke. He was a man of her dreams. A man who could keep her happy for years and years. She had met many who tried to fit the bill but, she knew in her heart that there was someone else. Someone who wanted to make her smile. Not just make her smile, someone who wanted to see her smile and let the rest of the world dissolve in thin air.

Bridal Dresses UK

 So, she wanted their wedding to be perfect. She wanted to glow on that special day. Because she knew that this day and hereon, everything would be different. She wanted to be born again on her wedding day. She knew that a man who wanted her to follow him was not her man. A man who had no plan was not her man. She knew that her man was the one who stood tall and held her by the hand. A man who wanted to walk with her, by her side. A counsel, a companion and much more than a friend. For such a man, she wanted to dress up. She wanted to leave no stone unturned. There is nothing wrong with a small ceremony. It is the happiness of the heart that counts. And she was counting big on it.

A Dress

I want a dress,
that has the moon.
Over which,
he can swoon.

Be it a ball gown,
or empire waist.
All doubt shall
be put to rest.

I want you here,
I want you now.
On this altar,
I want a vow.

A vow that you,
will value this.
And seal it then,
with the sweetest kiss.

I need you to,
stay up late.
I need you to
become my fate.

On this day,
under the sun,
I want you to,
have some fun.

Bridesmaid Dresses UK
Get off that chair,
and let's dance.
And let's begin
a lasting romance.

I want our story,
in one big book.
Ever since you came,
darlin' I've been shook.

And I want this
newness to last.
"Can we grow old?"
Not so fast.

Bridesmaid Dresses UK

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