Saturday 29 December 2012

I once dreamed about...

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So, the year is about to end and as much as we want it to end on a positive note, there is a sense of failure and disgust in the general public. The rape victim, a girl in her early 20s has died in Singapore. Protests are on, government is taking all the wrong steps like shutting down the metro stations and lathi-charging peaceful protesters.

My post is dedicated to all the lessons that we can take into 2013. True that the state of affairs is sad and sorry but it's nice to know that we are still empathetic and awake. We didn't forget the incident in two days but channelized our rage into an enough is enough sort of movement. Even the girl who breathed her last must not have felt alone at her deathbed when the nation prayed for her. She has awakened the society by fighting on. The media too has done a commendable job this time by keeping the vigil alive and not letting the matter get trivialized in the corridors of politics.

So, here's to 2013,
here's to hope-

I once dreamed about her,
she was my only wish.
She jumped with joy seeing me,
she craved for my kiss.
She loved me endlessly,
and was never tired of the wait.
I loved her too, I called her,
whenever I got delayed.

She held my hand all through,
she smiled looking at me.
I looked at her and found life,
my eyes glittered with glee.
Her love made me stronger,
I could push myself more.
I worked harder, toiled in sun,
till my palm and feet were sore.

She kept me waiting sometimes,
she had promises to keep.
I waited patiently, to see her,
without her I wouldn't sleep.
She kept me awake at nights,
sometimes she got sick.
I held her tight, till I was around,
She needed no walking stick!

This love, this joy, this togetherness,
was all but my dreams.
I protested, I held candles,
but all I could hear was screams!

We love the freedom like it's our sweetheart but it still remains a dream. Here's a hope, a small wish that one day, she comes running to us. It's the feeling of not being afraid of anyone and it can come only through the right kind of attitude from within.


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