Wednesday 26 March 2014

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"Come darling, we're getting late for shopping"- the wife said loudly as the husband gazed helplessly at his wallet and its deteriorating health. "Have you considered therapy?" he asked timidly to which the wife, hiding her smile, rolled her eyes. "No, I am serious. You are a shopaholic!"- he quipped. The wife ignored this friendly fire and said- "yea, right! I am the shopaholic, now get ready!" This baffled the husband! He raised eyebrows- "So, you think I am the shopaholic?" "No, no, you just go there for the amazing cashback schemes." she said while almost dragging him to the bathroom. He said while getting pushed, and from the half open doors of the bathroom- "That in fact is true. I think if you'd relax with all the spending, we could save up for the future. Shopping can wait! But no! Why would you understand.." and then his words converted to mumblings.

As they reached the mall, the wife looked quizzically at the husband's face. It was not the mall they had planned for. The husband smiled and asked her to get down. Wife was a little taken aback. "I don't know if they have the brands here which I wanted." she said sheepishly. Suddenly a choir by the fountain started singing her favourite song. She turned around. The car was taken away by the valet guy and the husband was standing there smiling. From the parking area, a car decorated with roses came up, the husband opened the door for her. She was smiling with a mysterious glow and the blush of a bride on her face. She mumbled under her breath- "You remembered!" The car took a few circles of the fountain, inside, she was served champagne and they clinked glasses. When they got down, the scenario had changed. The entrances of the mall had "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MR and MRS SHRIVASTAVA" written in bright neon lights over them.

As they entered, there was a kathputli dance showing their love story. People threw rose petals and confetti  from upper floors. The wife was moved to tears. Then they went to their favourite restaurant and had the exact same meal they had at their first date 10 years back. Instead of the bill, at the end of their meal, the waiter presented them with movie stubs. They went to watch their favourite movie in the movie hall in the mall.

Then on their way back, a horse driven carriage came to pick them up. It was heavenly. Under the pale moon light, they kissed and that was when the wife couldn't control her tears. "All this must have been really expensive, right?" she said. "Oh, it was not a bad bargain for these tears", the husband said, smiling and wiping the tear drop under the wife's eye with his finger. They kissed again. "I had thought that I'll take you to the mall, buy you a gift and then embarrass you for forgetting our anniversary for two years in a row!" she said sheepishly. He replied- "You have to know darling, I don't commit the same mistake twice."
She frowned- "But what about my shopping plans?" He smiled- "Relax, I have got that covered too, my shopaholic wife!" and then he nonchalantly took out his laptop and logged on to The words "coupons, cashback and bargain" stood out among all other words in the wife's eyes. Her eyes sparkled and the reflection was visible on the laptop screen. The husband looked at the reflection and smiled.

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