Saturday 22 March 2014

Movie Review- Sunsilk Real FM : A Film By Anurag Basu

Thank you Indiblogger and Sunsilk for this opportunity to walk the red carpet for this film called Sunsilk Real FM directed by Akarsh Khurana. It premiers on MTV tomorrow i.e. 23 March, Sunday, 7 PM.

 Exclusive Screening of Sunsilk Real FM by Anurag Basu

About the movie-
As suggested by the title of the movie, it's about RJing and the 'real' challenges that these three friends face. The plot is pretty straight with no frivolous attempts to sensationalize. The movie's charm lies in its simple and sober treatment of a well knit, tight plot. The editing has been such that there are no loose ends, neither does the story drag anywhere. The screenplay is eventful and the dialogues are realistic. The heart of the movie lies in its music. It serves as a platform to all the delightful folk music we have in various nooks and corners of our country. I think, after Sneha Khanwalkar's musical experiments, this is another step in the same direction of bringing folk music and local artists to mainstream listeners. Aside from that, there are so many issues raised in the movie and so elegantly that they do not interfere with the pace of the story or the plot. The movie is about reclaiming India from the hands of those who lay thorns in the path of national unity. Discrimination against North-Eastern states' residents, the North- South divide, need for the much required Police reforms, parental pressure, waning patriotism and many suchlike topics have all been touched upon briskly and elegantly.

About the characters-
The three girls adorning the posters and trailers are the central characters of this musical comedy. Rhea's character is charming and stands out due to her fragile frame which contrasts with the rigid determination that she flaunts with nonchalance. Saloni is one character that grows on you with time. The third girl is more like the unsung hero of the film who lays all the groundwork. The film works because of its adorable characters that keep entering as the plot progresses. Be it the Chhattisgarhi goons who steal the show with their solid punchlines or be it the mini- Dabang character of Ajay Desai. Like any other comedy, the antagonists have relatively lesser role to play but their characters too leave a mark with the element of realism and square expressions.

About the screenplay and direction-
I think in the shorter films (In Indian context, anything less than two and a half hours is a short film.. hehe) there can be no dull moments or moments where you let the characters muse for extended periods of screen time. I think Akarsh Khurana has understood that and established the characters easily in a few lines and well- written scenes. He has understood the importance of keeping up the tempo with characters which bring fine nuances of human emotions in just two or three scenes. Be it Ajay Desai's crush on Rhea or be it the Punjabi singer's encouragement to bring out the talent in Saloni. These scenes touch your heart without much effort. There can be no spoilers as far as I am concerned for such movies because you have to watch these scenes, listen to those songs to feel these emotions; and that is the USP of this movie. It is emotionally rich and has a soul of its own.

It is also nice, and was brought up by a fellow blogger, that although it was a branded movie, they did not do excessive marketing. That helped keep the soul of the movie intact.

So, sit back with some popcorn this Sunday and enjoy Sunsilk Real FM brought to you be Sunsilk, MTV India and Anurag Basu!

And stay tuned for the photos from the Indimeet!

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