Sunday 9 March 2014

IndiSpire: How will I survive if I am the only guy left on Earth

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The D-day was publicized in all newspapers and TV news channels. Most of the people remained skeptic and considered it to be yet another hoax warning. I too was one of the non-believers. Finally the day came, it was 15th of March 2014. The comet struck earth and everything changed. Channels of communication were broken so, I could never find out how much and how vast the destruction was but now, as I sit on this rock in the middle of nowhere, I realize that I might just be the only person left alive on Earth.
It was a nice fantasy question asked in "Truth and Dare" sessions but that too allowed for a "dream date" or "hot celebrity" stuck with you. This however, is depressing and the only way I can express this feeling is by slamming my fingers on the keys of this laptop. Soon, the battery of this one too will die out and since there is no electric pole left standing, the chances of recharging it are very slim. I did consider ending my life but the thought was depressing and I realized I have to make the most of this weird situation I have at hand. As the last man standing on this Earth, I do have the responsibility to give it a fitting goodbye this mother planet deserves from the human race. I think I can do so by enjoying its grandeur and majesty along with all its leftover resources before I die.

So, here is my survival strategy- I will first raid every human habilitation and pick all the perishable processed food item possible. Most shops will have food that can last for the next 2-3 years. Fire and wheel, the two magical inventions have already been invented in this pre-historic era and I will make use of them to the fullest. Also, I have to gather as many fruit seeds as possible and grow my own orchard before my food supply ends.

For leisure, I think I'll do what I always fancied doing, only, this time it won't be illegal. I'll rob a book shop. I had so many books on my list. So many thinkers waiting for me to hear them out. Max Weber, Karl Marx, Talcott Parsons, Emile Durkheim- here I come!

There might be a faint chance that someone else (preferably a female so that we can *ahem* repopulate the Earth) might be alive somewhere on some corner of this vast planet. I might need to set sail for that. I have to get myself a compass, a boat and some basic necessicity items with me and get going. I feel like a sailor already, wow! So, now I have a sense of direction, a hope too.

So, to conclude, I see myself as a traveler and with me some bags of chips and bags full of great books and graphic novels, in search of the one, with an orchard waiting for me back home. That's my strategy. What's yours?

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