Saturday, 29 March 2014

Ich will!- Kotak Launch Party

It was a Sunday and a tempting offer in the name of 'B-bar' with an open bar enticed our thirsty souls to unite for the Indiblogger meet sponsored by Kotak Mahindra Bank for its newest product #JiFi.
I alighted fron metro on Malviya Nagar station and started walking toward the Select City Walk (DLF malls) for the venue. As I reached, I started chatting up fellow bloggers on myriad issues from politics to religion but as soon as the announcement of the bar being open was made by Nihal (Team Indiblogger), all conversations came to a screeching halt and we all headed towards the bar. I grabbed myself a beer and soon a 'selfie' contest was announced. The social lubricant that beer is, it made me offer my photogenic profile to various selfies being clicked.

This was also the most social I had felt at an Indimeet due to the novel concept of selfie contest. I made so many friends in the blogosphere and met so many faces that I had already seen online. Then came a weird funny moment when we all headbanged to a German song "Ich Will" which had pretty funny lyrics.

Then came the turn to introduce the product. By that time, most people had already started swaying due to the generous amounts of alcohol in their systems. I wonder whether Indiblogger had anticipated this, the city being Delhi. Simultanously, we were introduced to the chief guest of the event- Chetan Bhagat who was present in body at the Mumbai meet and in spirit at Delhi and B'lore also. Frankly, we'd have liked the body too. The product i.e. Social Banking #JiFi which connects your online twitter and FB profiles to your bank account seemed to be a novel idea. I am pretty sure it can make banking addictive by the sheer accessibility and added features like zero balance account and shopping offers and coupons on the basis of points earned.

It is ideal for youngistan which practically breathes twitter and Facebook. Then came the Q and A session where Chetan took up audience's question over the reliability and accuracy of the system and answered them satisfactorily. He even took up my tweet through which I cleared my doubt about the adherence to KYC norms by the product. Sadly, for KYC, we do need a manual application but they'll soon digitalize the process hopefully. Later on, the product manager from Kotak took up questions from the Delhi audience. It was a nice interactive session.

Then I gave an interview to a camera in a half inebriated state. Let's not talk about it. The table at which I sat was full of interesting people from all walks of life. I met lawyers, a liver transplant consultant, a physics teacher, a Biotech PhD student (Ok, I already knew this one- Nimi Vashi) and many more awesome people.
Later the food was served which was noodles and rice which made me jealous of the people in B'lore because my friend Aparna Lanka in B'lore told me that they had Italian.

All in all, it was a fun meet - the proof of which is the whatsapp group that we formed after the meet. We're called "Blogger Buddies" if anyone wants to know! :P

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