Sunday, 21 February 2016

Another Animal Farm

This farm had hens and ducks ruling it. Pigs did nothing but sit all day and gloat in the mud. There was this one hen who would constantly yap about ducks. Most ducks would let it pass but a few ducks would take exception to the fowl language. Those ducks would then cluck about this bad hen. Some ducks talked more passionately about this bad hen while calling out the whole hen community in general.

Some pigs would raise their heads to see the ongoing mayhem and register their allegience to either ducks or hens. This made the foul-mouthed fowl birds feel very important. It made them feel like they were contributing to their community.

The regular fowl birds went on with their business. They laid eggs, walked about the farm and made it a sane place.

Now, the loud varieties of the hens and ducks grew powerful. They both raised an army of their own pigs. Each pig army sang a different tune.

The only problem with this arrangement was that in times of peace, this whole machinary was jobless. So, they kept clucking and yapping. It kept them in business. They even invented a power game and took turns to hold and exploit power.

The stakes kept growing and due to the redundancy of their theatrics. They had to invent new theatrics every time. Their latest gimmick was- the ducks are shouting about tearing down the walls of the farm while the hens are calling the ducks a threat to farm security.

The geese are panicking, running across the farm, telling everyone that the end is near. But then a normal duck is sitting in the yard, laying a beautiful egg. A normal hen is writing a Valentine's Day post on Facebook. And although pigs have joined armies, we all know that pigs wouldn't die for a cause.

The panicked geese caused some unrest. The mayhem woke up a few pigs. But, it still didn't cause the farm to collapse.

A wise old hen was heard saying, 'The sky really might fall but it won't fall on your head unless you let it.'

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