Saturday, 20 February 2016

The JNU Controversy

Well, it is hard to ignore the storm when it hits your newspapers and television sets on such high frequency and intensity. Arnab Goswami has retired Army people crying on his show while Ravish on NDTV is trying to dissect the politics out of it. So, some marches were held, weird slogans were shouted and Afzal Guru was glorified.

There is also a nice video where a guy talks about the flawed logic of protesters and calls them morons. Then there is the brigade of journalists who are calling for some empathy for the students. Is it sedition? Is it political? Well, for me, the bigger question is- Why is this happening?

You remember how Babri happened? Hindutva brigade was a minority before Babri. Then they climbed up a mosque and tore it down. After that, their popularity grew, elections were won and the whole incident just got them a place in history.

Ravish is right in pointing out the politics of it. Now that the right wing has gotten to power, the left has to do something as dramatic to get back in power. It feels compelled to chant these slogans and hold these marches. It is more because the ideology is dead without action. It is the action which drives politics.

Are we looking at another Babri? Will this worsen the Kashmir situation? Will this cause civil unrest in India? A politician gives a rat's ass about these questions. The liberal wing is trying to climb the ladder with any means possible. It doesn't make the conservatives any more pious. They can easily nip it in the bud by remaining calm and letting the energy fizzle out. That would not be a waste though. They want to attack back.

It is hard to get an Indian's attention. We are driven emotionally. You have to talk about dying and sacrifice and patriotism to make us sit up and notice. We do not listen passionately to budget speeches. We have grown up on Mithun Chakrawarty movies. We want our heroes to fight. All the time.

And that's why they will fight. So, stop typing that long facebook post. Even if the worst is yet to come, we have survived a lot. We will survive this apocalypse too.

I am not asking you to look the other way. I am asking you to look through the charade.

No, I will not end this rant with a Jai Hind. It is implied!

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