Tuesday 2 February 2016


'The curtains don't match,' He said.

'With what?' She wondered out loud.

'With anything!' He nearly shouted.

'Well, people usually say that the drapes don't match the carpet but we have no carpet!' She said smugly.

'The curtains don't match with the present day sense of aesthetics. They are hurting my eyes. Light blue walls and reddish brown curtains? Seriously?' He exclaimed.

The newly weds were discussing redecorating the pre-furnished home they had bought. The broker had said that at such a price, it was quite a steal. They had the option of being practical and letting the stuff lie around or be impulsive and toss out all the furniture.

'I do not understand this! If you had such a problem with the furniture, curtains and everything; why did you even buy this place in the first place?' She asked.

'I don't have a problem with this place. I am not a snooty French man who gets offended by poor taste in aesthetics! I just want to improve this place slowly and I think we should start with curtains!' He suddenly sounded mature.

'It always starts with curtains, doesn't it?' She babbled.

'Wait, what?' The husband gave a puzzled look.

'I don't know what I am saying. I just don't want to change anything. I never wanted second hand furniture anyway. Even though we are obviously going to change the sheets, cushions and mattresses, I still am too tired to think about redecorating.' She pleaded.

'It is hard to argue with you when you suddenly snap into your sweet mode!' He smiled.

The curtains fluttered as if they were breathed with new life. The lizard hiding in the folds of those curtains held on to the fabric a little more tightly. 

A few years passed. The curtains never got changed. The grew paler but there were more important things happening around the house. The couple had a baby, got a new TV. The furniture got moved around, shuffled, changed. The house grew into a home.

One day after seeing off the kid for school, the wife just climbed on the new sofa and took off the drapes. The husband came and noticed the missing curtains. They laughed about how long they had been putting it off. 

The next day, new curtains were put up in the room. The reddish brown curtains were going very well with the newly painted sky blue walls.

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