Wednesday 19 December 2012

Shave or Crave!!

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with

Below are some real life experiences which have taken the "shave or crave" movement forward-


Me- Hey! Your face looks red today, is that some allergy?
She- It'd be better if I don't say anything!!
Me- Eh? What did I do?

*confused stare*

She- This is from your stubble, last night. How'd you like if I rub your face in sand and call it cuddling?
Me- Okay, okay. I got it!

He- This feels so right.
She- I always thought we were meant to be.
He- I have always waited for this moment.
She- Me too

*He leans in for a kiss*

She- Yeaaa... we're done here!!
He- But, wha.. I mean, what happned. Lis.. Listen!! Listen toh sahi!!


He leans into a kiss.
Finds a needle poking his upper lip!

He- OUCH!! What the hell, jana!?
She- Exactly.


It had been one years since they started dating. In the evening, he took her out, feeling all rugged and masculine in his stubble and she dressed seductively in her LBD. As a token of love, he had got her a dinner reservation at an upmarket restaurant. She too decided to surprise him.

He- I love you so much. Here.. *takes out a rose* This is to tell you how I feel when I kiss you.
She- Oooh by that logic, I too have something for you.
He- What is it babe?
She- *points to a cactus plant*


So guys, shave OR crave!! *shudders*


Don't leave without saying anything...!