Friday 7 December 2012

Write Over the Weekend (WOW) – Dec 7, 2012 Last Tree Standing

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Hi there,

It hasn't been a fun week as I saw all my brothers getting felled and taken away for you humans' petty needs. I am lonely now in this bald, wretched forest but do not pity me, pity yourself. Pity yourself for what you've deprived yourself of, for the fate that is going to fall your way now, for years of suffering that you are going to bear. Yes, I am lonesome for now but I won't be for long, I will spread out my branches, give shelter to all sorts of creatures and be happily rooted here with my family. I might fall to your greed some day but I'll leave in peace, not gasping for fresh air, reaching out for water like you.

Please pardon my angry tone, I am from the country where Goutam Buddha attained eternal knowledge under the shadow of a tree, where trees are worshiped and respected and they too give back to the society. My branches are for your children to swing and lean with, my fruits are for you, my flowers are to decorate you and your Gods but my life is the only thing on which I thought I had some right. You need timber, you need land, we trees understand that and have allowed you to expand on mother earth as much as your need. But now greed is taking over need. You are taking more than you give. This deforested area is an example.

I know I am supposed to be all wise, patient and calm even in calamity. You must never have heard me in this scathing, loathsome and hurtful tone but you compelled me, son. Yes, I consider you as my child. Your cradle was made of my wood, the couch on which you sat through hours together was actually my lap. Your school desks and seats, your work cabin, everywhere you were in a cradle given by me. I gave, gave, gave but now, I give up!

As a father, I am disappointed and tired but as a fellow earthling, I am your brother with our mother being the planet Earth, I urge you to stop. Not for me, because I am anyway not going to last for long, neither are you, but her! She has to live. She has to give birth and she has to witness her children growing up and making her proud. She deserves to be happy. So, please, stop!

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