Saturday, 22 December 2012

Write Over the Weekend (WOW) – Dec 21, 2012- A letter to a 10 year old.

A letter to a ten year old.

Place: Chhatarpur (MP)
Date: 15 February 1998

Happy birthday, kid. Here's wishing you loads of success and zero hardships!!

I'm writing to you because I know how much of a turmoil your life has been through and how much unrest have you been going through. I know everything. That broken remote control car is gone, India just lost another cricket match. Mathematics is getting tougher as we speak. It is saddening. 

That girl in the neighbourhood- What's her name? Deepali? You hate her, right buddy? Well, she keeps annoying you because she likes you. Don't ever let her tie that rakhi on your wrist. She doesn't know what she's doing but it's pretty stupid. Stop sitting near that cute female whose driver comes to drop her in an Ambassador car in the assembly. She is the devil. She'll make you do all her homework and won't even give a peck on your cheek as you might have fancied. Stay away from such girls in future too. Nevver evver chase these type of girls. She thinks you're a simpleton who can easily be fooled by the way.

That PC you've been asking your parents to buy, it's not the right time, kid. They're not in the financial condition to buy it. You'd anyway have no use for it. 

Why have you started sitting at the back benches? It's not good. You were a front bencher because, you had the confidence to answer questions. Now, you're getting complacent. You have to keep the competitive spirit alive. You have to learn to fight. So what if you don't like math? Don't develop a phobia, kid. You're awesome. You're a prodigy. If you focus more on math, you can opt for it in higher classes. Then, you can pursue physics which will be your favourite subject because of its sheer comprehensiveness. Otherwise you'd end up taking biology and eventually as a dentist. Do you want to be a dentist? 

Also, don't stop participating in competitions. Go to more camps, go socialize. You have to indulge yourself into extra-curricular activities too. Sports will give you leadership qualities, joining the cadets will teach you the art of survival.

Last minute cramming before exams might be fruitful but you'll hate it when you grow up and have no idea about what you studied in school. Cultivate good habits of reading and revising daily. Let others make fun of you. You have to grow up and be different.

Ok, enough preaching. I just want you to excel. I am sorry if I sounded more like a teacher. I actually care too much about who you become in the future; after all, I am "you" from the future. This is 22. 12 . 2012.


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  1. Haha, pretty hilarious. Such a super-cute letter to a 10year old. Haha, a letter to your own self. That was a witty one :) Keep writing such cool & entertaining posts :) All the best !

  2. very nice piece..Perfect for a 10 year old !!


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