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My Gourmet Party- Theme: Deewan-e-Khaas

Indiblogger once again, brings out another great contest which piques the interest of creative bloggerheads. In collaboration with-

Kitchens of India. Contest - "My Gourmet Party"
I'd like to thank both of them for this lovely opportunity. Here is a link to the website- Certainly a great contest for food connoisseurs and foodies alike. Here is my idea of a gourmet party.

It'd be a small party with close friends and relatives invited and the guest list not exceeding more than 15-17 guests; hence the name deewaan-e-khas.

Location and decoration-
It can be arranged in a living room which is large enough to accommodate the seating and movement of guests. Since I want it to be a homely affair, I'd prefer my home for the party. I also do think that hosting a party at a party-hall or by booking a lounge takes something away from the host's responsibility to the guest. The welcome as done in Indian tradition needs a friendlier ambiance where the host doesn't rely on the staff's hospitality. Anyway, the room has to be dim-lit with scented or non-scented colorful candles and artistic curtains hanging from the ceiling giving the room a palace-like feel.

The decoration can borrow ideas from the nearby hookah bar or lounge. The seating arrangements would be made for the guests on the floor in traditional Indian "dari" mats with "masnad" type Lucknowi pillows to complete the look. A decorative hookah and a copper large vessel with floating rose petals may be kept in the middle to add to the visual appeal.
The hall will have old, soothing songs from the Golden era of Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar, Talat Mehmood and Mohd. Rafi in the background.
 There would be "shers" or couplets given to every guest to read out loud in order to bring out the feel of a mushayara. Nostalgia will be the flavour of the party and the first round of Gulab sherbat will have glasses clinking and everyone recounting their summer romances. Conversations will be encouraged and everybody will get his or her turn. There are always a few hidden musicians in every pack; well, they'll be brought out in open and their talents will be used to light up the "mehfil". A game of cards is optional.

Dress code
It'd be expected for the gentlemen to arrive in crisp sherwanis and the ladies in elegant saris but since it will be a closed affair; any ethnic-wear which goes with the mood of the party will be allowed.

The Menu

The menu will contain the choicest of Mughlai dishes from the house of Kitchens Of India.
The non-vegetarians will get to enjoy the lip smacking taste of
Chicken Darbari.

While the vegetarians will be able to enjoy
Mughlai Paneer

Paneer Malai

All served with piping hot butter naans and rotis. There will also be hara bhara salad made of seasonal veggies spread out for feast.

In the second course, the guests will be served biryani made with
Hyderabadi Biryani Mix

Veg Biryani Mix

based on their culinary preferences.

A delicious serving of
Jodhpuri Moong Daal Halwa
will be served to everyone after the end of the meal.

Then another round of conversations will ensue as paan and ice-creams will be served to everyone.

At the end the guest will be sent off with a heartfelt "thank you" and a pack of
Gourment Gift Halwas
to sweeten the memories that remain etched in their minds forever.

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