Saturday 11 May 2013

To Mumma...

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 My mom is one of those people who'd be embarrassed when called upon stage to given an award. There is always an unsaid word of love between her and me, as neither she is comfortable with displaying love nor am I.  That's why when I am going to make her read this entry, she's just going to stand up and leave saying "I have a dinner to cook or laundry to do." I totally understand that and I actually love her for being so genuine and honest with me.

My mom's love is in her eyes, the way she looks at me when I eat asking if I want anything more every two minutes; the way she packs my tiffin-box always putting a few chapatis extra. Her love is in turning off the TV when I am watching it, not because she wants to annoy me, but because she thinks it's my time to sleep, because she cares. We are all so used to mom's care that we don't realize how blessed we are to have her.

She worries. She worries when I am late, she worries when I have pimples, she worries when I don't study. Sometimes she tells me, sometimes she doesn't. But I can see it. I see how while walking in a crowd, everyone keeps moving faster, trying to cut through the crowd but mom waits for me, patiently, to catch up. Now that I am all grown up, sometimes, I try to walk faster and move right ahead but never mom. She loves unconditionally.

She also has no attachment to things. If I bought a new game, I'd never share it with my brother, I'd not even show it to any of my friends. I am selfish. Mom? She never gets new things for herself. She bought a phone, my brother liked it, she gave it to him. She used to ride a Scooty. While growing up, I tried my hand at the two-wheeler and never knew when it became mine.

She shops for us. Now that we're all grown up, we tell her not to buy clothes for us because she has no taste in fashion and yet, I have never shopped for a single T-shirt, chappal or bermuda for myself. She buys for now and for the future too!

Mom's love is unspoken. It's not the typical Hindi movie love where the mother cries her eye out and the son deserts her. It's a poetic representation though. She dedicates her life to her kids and her life revolves around them. Kids are so used to the love and concern that they never realize how selfless she is.

With mom, you're always free to do what you like. Fathers have expectations, grandparents have ambitions, moms just want the kids to be happy. I have completed my BDS and looking at a few doodles of mine, my mom one day said, "You know, if you want to become a cartoonist, that's also ok. Do what you love." I can never forget that.

Whether it's your mom or mine, mumma toh mumma hoti hain. I remember reading this story from a newspaper which brought tears in my eyes-

'One day a guy who had recently lost his job set out to send a letter to his mom that he couldn't send the money order this year because he had no money to send. He had Rs. 20 and that letter in his pocket when he boarded the bus to the post office. On alighting he noticed that his pocket had been picked. He came back disappointed with life.
A few days later, a letter from village came- it read (in hindi)-

 "Beta, you are so good. I got the Rs. 500 you sent me. You never forget to send me the money. Bless you always, eat properly and take care." 

He was perplexed, couldn't understand what just happened. Next day he got another letter which read-

"Bhai, I had sent Rs. 480 along with your Rs. 20 to your mother. Why should she sleep hungry? Ma toh ma hai na? Kya teri kya meri?"

That about sums up the universality of reverence and love towards mothers. Happy mothers' day to all of your mothers.

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