Monday 6 May 2013

The Ignorant Bunny

Indiblogger continues to amaze us with the great contests and the latest in line is this Colgate Total Pro Gum Health Moral Story contest. Here is a link to Colgate's My Healthy Speak Blog. Being a dentist, I think it is my social responsibility to participate in this contest get the word out there.

The first sign of gum disease setting in is bleeding gums and it should be curtailed ASAP. We often ignore these warning signs due to the inconsistency in their appearance. Your gums bleed one day and then you wait a few days and then it stops. Problem solved. Right? Wrong!! Well, bleeding is just a warning sign that your gums are in distress and are seeking your attention. Then next stop is gum recession, then mobility and next time you check, your teeth are jumping out of their sockets.

So, to avoid the problems arising form periodontal disease and the resulting loss of tooth and pain, also not to mention the discomfort of undergoing tooth extraction and the costly bridges, dentures and implants; it is best to pay attention to bleeding gums and check the disease's progression. The solution lies in proper brushing techniques, choosing the right kind of paste and brush and regular dental check-ups.

I think, and I know the people at Colgate and Indiblogger will also concur, that fables have the widest reach among children and young adults among all story-forms. So, for the contest, I have decided to write a fable. Here is my entry to the contest-

The Ignorant Bunny
Once upon a time, there lived a family in the jungle. The family had a Papa Rabbit, a Mumma rabbit and their little bunny.
The little bunny was a little ball of fur when he was born but as he started growing, his fur started getting dirty, his teeth yellow and his build got frailer and frailer. He always stayed indoors and never went out to play with other kids. He peeped meekly through the window of their home in the tree and always wished he could go out and play like others but, it wasn't to be. He wasn't strong like others. When he went out, ever a slight gush of wind would knock him off his feet. He didn't know it but due to his yellow bunny teeth and dirty fur, he looked a little ugly and scary. There were some kids from the neighbourhood who were actually scared of him. They had even woven rumours about how he was actually a ghost trapped in a tree who looked out the window to prey on any helpless animal who had lost his way. The bunny had no clue that he had been made into a ghost by other kids and he kept himself busy at home playing with his toys.

His parents were concerned about him. They took care of his diet and also promptly gave him medicines whenever he fell sick but they had no clue why the bunny looked the way he did.One day, the bunny saw a pretty she-bunny from his window. She was playing with other kids. Little bunny had a little crush. He mustered up all his courage and trying saying "hello" from the window. When the she-bunny glanced on him, she got scared and hopped away in the meadows. Our bunny had no clue why she ran away. He wanted to see her again. He set out in search of that girl in the harsh sun. He walked a few miles and then found a lake. He was thirsty and tired. He thought he'd drink some water from the lake and almost waded through his way to the water. It was then that he saw his clear reflection for the first time! He had a close look at his fur, his teeth and his little paws. He was a little taken aback. He had never seen himself in full view. That was the time when his parents came running as they had spotted him from afar. They caught him as he fainted from the overwhelming sensation of seeing his own reflection. Papa Rabbit took him back to the tree and tucked him in his blanket. Mamma Rabbit made him some warm milk and cookies. He slept for almost two days after  that day.

One morning, as Mamma Rabbit made breakfast, she called out Bunny to the table but he didn't respond. Mamma panicked and looked all over the house, he was no where to be found. She told Papa Rabbit and both of them went out and looked all over the jungle, there were no traces of our little bunny anywhere. Finally, tired, they came back and wept all day and night. They thought they had lost their little one forever.

Many months passed, and then came the day of carnival in the jungle. The carnival was a day when the animals came out and partied all day to celebrate the spirit of life. Everyone eagerly waited for this day as on this day, all were equals and were free to dance away all the worries. The Rabbit couple didn't want to go but then came a notice from the Ministry Of Parties and Entertainment from the King Lion's court that everyone had to come out and compulsorily party that year. It was a strange notice but all hailed the king and his minister Hamster for making enjoyment compulsory. The festive spirit was high when the rabbit couple came out of their home to pay respect to the official order. They had forgotten how to smile after losing their son. Then came out the largest procession of the carnival with the Minister of Entertainment Mr. Hamster himself dancing in the middle. He was lifted up high by his subjects as he officially order everyone to party! From the height, he spotted the Rabbit couple and suddenly his expression changed. He made his way through the crowd and soon, he was standing in front of the Rabbits. There was a pause which ended as he gave them both a tight hug as shouted "Mom, Dad!! It's me!! The bunny!!" The parents couldn't believe their eyes and ears. "But, how come?" was all they could ask.

He explained- "After I realized the truth about my appearance, I left home as I wasn't sure who I really was. And after months of traveling and learning, I realized that my ugly short ears, and my build which made me a weird bunny were also the things that could make me a very handsome hamster.I later realized that all my habits, my looks, preferences were more like a hamster and less like a rabbit so when I stopped trying to be a rabbit and started being who I really was, I became successful. People started liking me, they really did..." and their son went on to describe his rise to fame and how his only obstruction in the way were his yellow teeth and weak gums which the royal dentist Dr. Abhyudaya Shrivastava fixed for him.

Papa and Mumma Rabbit hugged him and said, "Come here sonny boy, you really were a hamster, we wish we would have noticed your early signs..."

And the party went on....

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