Monday, 6 May 2013

TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair (For Men)

Ok, participating in yet another Indiblogger contest-TRESemme Ramp ready hair. TRESemme have a pretty nice YouTube channel where the experts teach you the basics of getting Ramp Ready Hair. The beautiful Diana Penty shows you around the site which is a delight. Here is a link to the cool YouTube Channel - They have a pretty awesome collection of DoItYourself Videos for different types and textures.

Well, I am here to talk about my hair and what I'd do to get my hair ramp ready. In college, I have had my share of ramp-experience when for different cultural shows, I had to walk the ramp and look my best with whatever resources I had. At these times, there are a few tricks that come in handy-
Me at College Fashion Show

Me at College Fashion Show. (In the middle)
1. The Cool Kat
Try this look when you want to look sharp. Just apply some gel on your hair and set them skyward in the aviator style. This look goes well with casual attire and can spice up brunch and poolside parties.

2. The Formal Gentleman
If you have short hair and want to look dressy in the evening, you can couple your formal attire with this hairdo. All you have to do is part your hair from the side asymmetrically and let the hair flow on the sides. It gives you a tied back look without making you look so uptight.

3. The Messy One
This doesn't take much doing. All you need to do is grow your hair really long, and then keep them clean and shampoo them nicely. Make sure you condition them for the rich texture and flowy-ness. Now, part them asymmetrically and let them lose in the wind. Keep a hairband with you in case they start getting tacky to handle. This style goes great with denims and aviator sunglasses.

Remember, to get your hair ramp ready, all you need is TRESemme, hair on your head, creativity and lots of confidence.

Rock on!

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