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Write Over the Weekend (WOW) – May 3, 2013

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

If you could have one day repeat over and over again for the rest of your life, which day would it be? Why?

 Ok, this time I am a bit confused about the theme of the WOW contest. I don't know whether to write about a day that has already been lived or a day that is yet to come, you know, the ideal sort. I don't think I'd like to "replay" a day from my past no matter how awesome it'd have been. Anyway, here is a link to my cartoon blog for those who want to know the one of the most awesome days in my life-

Three Idiots In Chandigarh

Anyway, coming to the day I want to repeat over and over again would be the day I meet the girl of my dreams. I know it might not happen the way I am going to describe it right now but that's the deal with dream days- they don't exist and when the real day comes, I know it'll be better than the perfect day I've dreamed about. Anyway, let's dream away-

Morning- 6:00 am
I wake up early to the chirping and tweeting of birds and sun-rays shining through my window. The newspaper is right by my side with a cup of tea. It's one of those days when you wake up with a smile.

I turn on the radio and the FM is playing my favourite songs. I take a shower listening to the FM and humming and grooving to my tunes.

8:00 am
Breakfast time. Samosas and Jalebis with hot milk from my favourite sweet shop have been served on my platter. I finish my breakfast and go to check my Email on my new laptop.
There are 3 unread mails. Let's go through them one by one-

Mail 1-
Sender- Editor, The Times of India 
Subject- Recruitment Letter
This is to inform you that we have gone through your cartoons and liked your work very much. You have a freshness in your ideas and we'd love to work with you. You may kindly start sending your cartoons for publishing in our newspaper's all editions. You'll be given a daily spot on the leisure page.

Waiting to hear from you.
New Delhi.

Whoa!! Ok, let's read the second mail-

Mail 2-
Sender- Editor, Harper Collins Publishing Co.
Subject- Proofreading done. Your book is ready to be published!
We've finished the final stage of editing for the book written by you. We're excited about the much hyped launch and hope you are too. We hope and expect to sell millions of copies of "Recipes of Disaster" all across India and abroad. Your tickets to the book launch venue will be reaching you shortly.
Harper Collins

Mail 3-
Sender- ashdjhdfkjg@yahoo.sdjkfs
You have inherited a property of value well above Rs. 200000000000000000000 in Nigeria. Kindly send your PAN card no. Acc no, Credit card no. etc. to avail the opportunity.
Thanks yous.

~Marked As Spam~

Anyway, the last mail was a SPAM, obviously. A day can't be that perfect.

I break this news to my loved ones and leave for a game of squash at the Squash Club I have joined yesterday. I see a girl across the court. She is looking at me too. Big eyes, long hair, dusky complexion, pretty smile- just like the dreams. Anyway, she is just about to leave. Lucky I got a glimpse.

Time- 12:30 PM
It's weekend so I gang up with bro and cousins and we go out to the mall for some bowling and lunch. I throw my ball down the wrong alley and knock down a perfect 10 but it's neighbouring player's set. I am sort of embarrassed but then I turn around and find the girl from squash court smiling. She says it's okay. She blushes a little too.

The afternoon is spent watching a masala bollywood paisa wasool movie and then coming back to home with no heavy traffic and pleasant weather and taking a short nap.

Time - 5:00 PM
I finish my cartoons to be sent to TOI by tomorrow, do the final edits and send the drafts to the editor, reply to some of my blog comments, receive a gift voucher from a competition I won at It's an iPad! Again!! Now I have three of them.
Later in the evening, as the spring breeze blows, I take a walk in the park with my favourite book in my hand. People say "hi" to me as I stroll past them. Being a public figure is fun!

9:30 PM
I go for a few drinks with my college friends I am still in touch with to the poshest, most happening nightclub in the city. The lights dancing on the floor and people having fun. This is a fresh change, I should come here more often. And there she enters, the girl from the squash court. She is with two other girls. She pauses and lingers when she spots me; then she goes on with her friend. I want to make a move but can't. She is too perfect. I am not sure if I say or do something, I'll somehow break the spell. I grow restless and step out of the club and there she is! On the street! Trying to get the key which is stuck in the slot in her car. I offer to help. She hesitantly lets me. We strike a conversation as we enter the club. She gets my jokes, she laughs, pulls my leg, flirts just the right amount. We try dancing and as partners, we set the floor on fire. We chat a little more, she mixes well with my group. I offer to drop her home. We say good night and I have her number now.

11:00 PM
I drive back home with my favourite love songs playing in my car.

Yup! This is the kind of day I can live over and over again!!! This is my day.

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